Gulu is a city found in the northern region of Uganda and it’s the commercial and administrative centre of Gulu district. It’s boarded with Lamwo, Pader, Oyam and Amuru districts .its 340km by road north of Uganda’s capital city Kampala.


Gulu was a name originated from a valley which was so deep and would produce a funny noise whenever it rained heavily which would sound gulu gulu gulu which in Acholi means that it would be caused by too much erosion. The Acholi people are so welcoming and they have managed to preserve their culture so well.


Atiak colobus monkeys

This Atiak forests homes colobus monkeys, mammals and many bird species. It’s near the Albert Nile with short savannah which enables tourists to camp and view nature.

gulu gulu caves

These are located about 25km north of Gulu town, the caves were used for protection during the Lamogi rebellion and so they attract tourists to visitor the town.

Karuma falls

Gulu town has got a chance of having an underground electricity dam to be built since the western part of karuma is in the land thus attracting more visitors in town.

Murchison falls

The falls have got the best nature and scenic green scenic land scapes with a variety of monkey species and animals there and many activities like boat rides, game viewing and many others.

Amoro hot springs

The spring is located 35km from Gulu town and it’s the largest in northern Uganda with a better landscape for camping sites and it’s the most tourist attraction in the town.

Sir Samuel baker Patiko fort

The fort was built by Sir Samuel baker as a military fort in Patiko order to stop slave trade and it collapsed but its remains still attracts so many tourists to the area.

How to get there

Gulu is situated 333km by road, of Uganda’s capital city Kampala and it takes about 5hours to get there in a private car. To rent a car in Gulu for self drive or guided road trip, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.