Soroti is a city found in Soroti district in Eastern Uganda and lying near Lake Kyoga. It is 112km by road northwest of Mbale the nearest large city and is surrounded by Amuria, Katakwi, Ngora, Serere and Kaberamaido districts.
History– Soroti was formally known as Teso district. The people speak Luteso as their local language. They occupy more than five districts in the Eastern part of Uganda. These people believed in death and afterlife, religious beliefs, marriage and family and have social and political organizations.
Soroti Rock
This is a granite formation that towers a thousand meters above Soroti town centre and it also gives out a good view of Lake Albert and the surrounding places of the town, is also the best place for hiking.
Bukaleba palace and fort Thurston
This is the place where bishop Hannington was murdered by kabaka Mwanga of Buganda kingdom.This makes it a tourist attraction.
Patiko the fort of death
This was where the slaves were assembled and selected those to be taken and the unhealthy ones were executed from the sloppy compound.

How to get there
Soroti is situated 295km by road North West of Mbale the nearest large city and it takes about 6 hours to get there in private car. To rent a car in Soroti for self drive or driver-guide road trip, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-785231603