Jinja is a city found in jinja district, Busoga sub – region in the Eastern region of Uganda. It is 81km by road east of Kampala the capital city of Uganda. It’s located along the Northern shores of Lake Victoria near the source of the White Nile and is the 14th largest city in the Country.

This city was planned before independence under colonial rule in 1948 by Ernst May who was a German architect and urban planner. He also constructed estates for ruling elites in the city centre which led to many displacements of residents in 1950s. They then constructed the Owen falls dam in1954. Through the construction most of the flat rocks that gave the area its name disappeared under the water . John Hannington Speke was the first European to see the Nile.
There was job creation in the factories that were constructed that made Jinja the base because of the nearby power station and its economy was the second largest in Uganda. The natives also got ready market for their products. Schools, hospitals and military colleges, jinja airport, railway and water transport were also constructed for the military and the Qaddafi barracks institute of the defense army.

Busoga kingdom
Is a Traditional kingdom speaking Lusoga as their local language and headed by a king called Kyabazinga, the kingdom has got its customs that the tourists find interesting in knowing thus becoming a tourist attraction.

Bujagali falls
This was a water fall in Jinja where the Nile River comes out of Lake Victoria. It was submerged into a dam with power station and it was built to supply power country wide thus an attraction and it’s also visited by students for study tours.

Source of the Nile
This is the world’s second longest river at Lake Victoria which was discovered by sir john Speke and is an internationally known attraction.

Lake Victoria
The southern part of Busoga is bordered by Lake Victoria and its coastline runs from Jinja east to the Kenyan border .This also calls in tourists to come and view it and taste its fresh waters.

Twegaite is a non profitable cultural organization is headquartered in Boston .its main objective is to revitalize economy, health and education of the Basoga.many tourists visit Jinja through the headquarters

Kagulu rock
This has a clear view of Busoga .it’s the rock where Bunyoro Basoga settled with Mukama as their leader .it is also between two rocks which fork at its foot leading to Gwaya and Iyingo and it is the most tourist attraction in Jinja today.

Budhumbula shrines and palace
This is where the Kyabazinga, the king of Busoga stays.This place also contains all the other graves of the loyal family of Kusoga kingdom and their shrines where they pray to their gods.

White water rafting

This welcomes you to Jinja. It’s safe and reliable and it’s led by the experts on the river enjoying the ride at the river with the proper equipments. Here the tourists come to experience the waves and rapids depending on the class of whitewater crafting they may be interested in.

How to get there
Jinja is situated 81km east of Kampala and it takes about 2 hrs and a half to get there in a private car. To book a rental car in Jinja simply send us an email to info@kampalacarrentalservices.com or call us now on +256-785231603 / +256-758540071 to speak with us today.