Mbarara is city in Mbarara district found in the Western region of Uganda. it acts as an important transport hub lying west of Masaka on the road to Kabale, near lake Mburo national park about 290 km by road, South West of Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city . It’s the most commercial and administrative centre of Mbarara district.

History– Mbarara locally means green grass which feeds animals and the place got its name from the colonialists who mispronounced it. They are known for animal keeping and agriculture. The place has also got industries like Mbarara brewery and Mbarara steel plant with better infrastructure which caters for good education and administrative centre. The town has a bypass and an airport for transport.

Igongo culture centre– the center is located a few mile north Mbarara on the Masaka to Mbarara road and it comprises of the Eitaramiro cultural village, Eriijukiro museum and the visitors can explore how their grandparents with a collection of historical art crafts with clay models and presentations and it also showcases a traditional homestead with real milk gourds.
Nkokonjeru tombs– These tombs are situated in Kakakika in Mbarara .This is where the remains of the two kings of Ankole are found and the cultural rights and values of Ankole people are performed in the site.
Lake Mburo national park– This wildlife park is siteuated east of Mbarara town, its famous for birding and animal viewing and there are a number of well developed water sports like boat cruises with better infrastructure for accommodation of visitors.
River Ruizi – This river flows from the highlands in Bushenyi district in Lake Kachera in Rakai district. Visitors get a primate view along the river while canoeing.
Lake Nakivale– This lake is located 40km south east of Mbarara town and it has got nice sandy beaches and the open gourds around the lake.
Lake kachera– Kachera is found in both Mbarara and Rakai districts and it has got the wide range of animals thus wild gaming is practiced and offered to the tourists.
Hotel and catering industry – The place has also got a wide range of hotel and accommodations to the visitors. Besides tourism, these have also provided employment to the people of Mbarara.
Sanga cultural village– Sanga is a cultural centre for the Bahima tribe which is located to the junction leading to Mburo,ornaments nd regalia of the tribe are the and tourists can learn about the Hima women.

How to get there
Mbarara is situated 269km by road, south west of kampala and it takes about 4 and a half hours to get there using a private car. To rent a car in Mbarara town for self drive or guided trip , simply send us an email to or call us on +256-785231603 to speak with us now.