Masaka is a large town in Masaka district central of Uganda and it is 140km South West of Kampala on the highway to Mbarara and Masaka city is very close to the equator.
History– Masaka town was largely destroyed in 1979 during the Uganda and Tanzania war and the civil war of overthrowing Milton Obote. The town was composed by Buganda kingdom county of Buddu, Mawogola, Kooki and Kabula. Kooki and Kabula were peeled off to form Rakai. It has also got the administrative council thus having the highest political authority.

Sand beach Nabugabo- It’s located at the shores of Lake Nabugabo and known for motor rallying events, fishing camping and annual canoeing thus calling in tourists to visit and also enjoy the sand beaches.
Agro tourism- This is an important activity done in Masaka since it calls in for domestic and international tourism. This show cases the improved banana growing, cattle zero-grazing and other forms of farming.
Bukakata landing site- This is a gateway to the tourists’ hub of Kalalngala areas on Lake Victoria thus developing of infrastructure and craft shops will add value to the tourism of Masaka.
Cultural performances- The Ganda culture and their activities and performances of storytelling already exist in commercial organized groups which welcome tourists.
Equator- Along Masaka road there is a replica showing the equator monument around Kayabwe showing where the equator passes and d so tourists come to see the place as they also take photos around the monument.

Lake Nabugabo- There is a centre located at the shores of Lake Nabugabo that provide accommodation and holidays to tourists and have so many activities that take place around the estate like canoeing, fishing, swimming, bird watching and camping.

How to get there
Masaka is situated 131km southwest of Kampala and takes about2 hours and a half to get here in a private car. To rent a car in Masaka for self drive or guided road trip, simply send us an email to or call us now on +256-785231603 to speak with us.