Masindi is a town in the Western region of Uganda found in Masindi district. It is 220km by road, North West of Kampala Uganda’s capital city and is on the road between Kampala and the Murchison Falls Park.
Masindi was a capital of Bunyoro and was visited by explorers and anti slavery campaigners who were forced to withdraw because of the hostility of Omukama Kabalega the king of Bunyoro at that time.

Masindi lagoon- This acts as a source of water to the town of Masindi and as a tourist attraction to the district .there is also fish farming and bird watching activities around the lagoon.
Omukama palace- This is where the king of Bunyoro stays and so it can help in promoting cultural tourism in Masindi district.
Wanseko community campsite- This is located at the beach of Lake Albert and there are tourism activities like bird watching canoeing and camping grounds for tourists
Murchison Falls national park- This park greatly develops the tourism system in Masindi. There are natural green pastures for wildlife, game drives, bird watching and viewing of wild animals
Buliisa escarpment and hot springs- The Buliisa and the hot springs are found in the western riftvalley in the Lake Albert basin. This is the best view of effects and features of faulting. There are also salt firms that are created around because of the salty waters. There are also the white sandy beaches that give development in water sports activities around the town.
Butyaba port- This was the shipping port by the colonialism and the infrastructure which is there is a tourist attraction. There is also the Bugungu wildlife reserve.
Budongo forest- There is an eco tourism site located in Busingiro so tourists do nature walks and bird watching. There is also the best view of chimpanzees in the forest.

How to get there
Masindi is situated 210 km northwest of Kampala and it takes about 3 hours to get there in a private car. To rent a car in Masindi for self drive or driver-guided road trip, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-785231603 to speak with the reseravtions team.