Rent A Car + GPS

A self drive trip is one of the most exciting road adventures in Africa, it offers you all the freedom to explore any destination at your own pace and time and most importantly, privately. A self drive trip will only be successful if you know your way around and that’s where off and online travel guides come in. Some travelers prefer to use the Google maps service but no guiding gadget is more proficient than a GPS ; the Global Positioning System uses the satellite to give accurate directions and distances as well time estimation from one point to another. The GPS also features directions to the nearest gas stations, shopping malls, hospitals, tourist attractions among other places along the route you are taking.

Kampala car rental services offer full functioning GPS for hire in Uganda along with a private rental car at a cheap price. Planning to self drive Uganda this season and want to rent a car + GPS for the road trip, simply get in touch with us by sending an email to or call us now at +256-758540071 / +256-200902144