Mbale is a city found in Mbale district, in the eastern region of Uganda. It is 245km by road transport of northeast of Kampala the capital city of Uganda on an all-weather tarmac highway. The city lies on the railway from Tororo to Pacwach and has a mountain that has the highest peaks in east Africa.

Mbale was named after the largest city in the district, Mbale. The main ethnic group is Bamasaba and made up of Bugisu culture with their local language Lugisu. It began as a trading centre for Arab slave traders and later it also attracted the Indian traders who had come to east Africa to build a railway line and later on it became an administrative and commercial centre in the sub region. The main economic activity is agriculture and they grow coffee, beans matooke, maize onions and potatoes .Mbale has also got so many education institutes from universities, high Schools and primary schools and the good hospitals in the region.

Attraction and activities
Bulukyeke-bukigai hills – These hills are found south of the Elgon ranges. At the bottom of the hills was a campsite to the colonialists and has got beautiful scenery of the Elgon ranges .It has got the tile roofed and toilet facilities and so was launched as the point of mountain climbing expeditions
Cultural and heritage sites- The Mutoto where the annual circumcision ceremony is launched and the Semei Kakungulu tombs where the former representative of the colonial government in charge of eastern Uganda was buried are the most important cultural sites in Mbale district .The kakungula tombs are locationed about 5km off the Mbale Soroti road while the Mutoto circumcision site within Mbale municipality.
Mount Elgon national park- It’s found in Uganda and Kenya. it’s in Kenya and Uganda, it has got attractions like the caldera found at the top of the Elgon and remained as a depression after the volcano hot springs, crater lakes the swam gorge with the population of wild game and scenic peaks
Simu and Sisi falls- These are falls found in Sironko County and run from the top of mountain Elgon down to the low lands. The Simu falls are bigger with 50m in height and 7 in width.
Bulegeni and butandinga cliffs- These cliffs are found about 50 km south east of Mbale town overlooking the Lwakaka border and are important for scenery, viewing and birding .There are some campsites
Bududa bull fighting sport.- This is a game where bulls fight each other and is also considered as a tourist attraction in Mbale thus developed in the tradition of bamasaba.
Bufumbo and Wanala forest reserves- These are found at the ridges and they have a primate view, forest walks, bird watching cave exploration, mountain climbing and cliff view. At the Wanale ridge, there is also a campsite.
Crafts and souvenirs industry- The sales of crafts and souvenirs have potential based on the importance of tourists’ traffic and the presence of natural vegetation resources for the industry.
Hotel and catering industry- The place has got more than 40 accommodation business, and so there is employment in the areas .These places can cater for a wide range of visitors including those of upper class for example Mount Elgon hotel and Mbale resort hotel. Mbale has also got other recreational areas like Mbale cricket grounds, Mbale studium, Mbale golf club for sports.

How to get there
Mbale is situated 224km east of Kampala and road trip will last about 5 to 6 hrs to get there in a private car. To remt a car in Mbale for self ddrive or guided road trip , simply send us an email to or call cal us now on +256-785231603 / +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.